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Jumbo – weightgainer (3520 g)


  • Fiber
  • Proteins only from animal sources
  • High calorie content.

Additional info

Jumbo – A calorie bomb!

To gain weight, you need to take in more calories over a period of time than you burn.
If you’re a heavy gainer with a fast metabolism, this can be particularly difficult.

Jumbo helps those looking to bulk up to achieve that calorie surplus more easily with its large portions.

It contains 135g of carbohydrates and 53g of protein per serving, significantly increasing the amount of macronutrients consumed in a day and therefore the amount of calories consumed daily.

Recommended dosage
Take one serving (220 grams, 5 scoops) per day with 400 ml of water.
On training days, take one serving after training or between meals.
On rest days, take one serving between meals.

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