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Booty Builder


  • Comfortable bands (without pinching).
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Discreet design.
  • Build a larger and better backside with or without weights.
  • One size fits all.



Additional info

Booty Builder / Leg & booty Trainer

Are you tired of rubber bands slipping off, biting, and pinching your skin every time you use them?

Natja Barnova presents ‘Bootybuilder’. It is a simple, practical, and also very comfortable way to effectively train your glutes without relying on machines or any kind of weights. It has never been easier to work hard on building a well-shaped backside, and it can be used anywhere, anytime.

It should be placed just above the knees and kept tight by pressing your thighs and knees outward. Maintain constant tension and contact with the glute muscles during the workout.
This tool is not only intended for use in the gym but can just as easily be used at home.

One size fits all.

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